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ESC Slush Cup Rando Race

posted Mar 10, 2016, 9:13 PM by Craig Hartmetz

The ACC & the Edmonton Ski Touring Crew are holding a rando race to finish off the season!

The Edmonton Ski Club is holding a slush cup, complete with a pond skim. Talking to Lorne from the ESC, it'll be in the order of 100' long. Picture in your head how long you think you can skim, them multiply that by four. That's how long it'll be.

The format will be as follows: racers will attempt to perform the most laps in one hour. At the conclusion of the one hour period, a horn will sound and racers will meet at the top of the hill. From here, racers will attempt to skim the slush pond as far as possible. An extra lap will be added for each 1/5 of the pond that the racer makes it before going for a swim!

Sundance Ski Shop has graciously provided some fantastic prizes. We've got a men's and ladies Dynafit Radical Hoodie as a grand prize for the men's and women's categories. On top of that, we'll be handing out swag from BCA, Black Diamond, and others!

Come out with your best spring costume and have some fun before relaxing on the ESC patio with a BEvERage!

Registration is free, but we have limited spots. Contact Craig at to grab a spot!