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Summer 2016 - Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park Aug. 14-21 and Aug.21-28

Mt. Assiniboine Park is 40km. south of Canmore on the continental divide between Alberta and B.C.  For climbers 

Mt. Assiniboine 3618m is the most common objective in the region.  However there are at least eight other peaks 

in the 3000m range.  For hikers the area is at the junction of three continental passes and is honeycombed with 


The camp will be at O’Brian Meadows adjacent to Assiniboine Pass.  The camp will be a total of 20 persons each 

week.  Participants will supply their own sleeping tent.  The camp will have two service tents, one for the 

preparation of food and one for drying.  Food for all meals, breakfast, lunches, and dinner will be provided.  Feel 

free to bring your own “refreshments”.  Participants are responsible to bring their own eating utensils, knife, fork, 

spoon, plate, bowl, and cup.  Also a light folding chair, lawn chair.  

The tents will be placed scattered about out in the meadow.  When leaving the meadow you cannot go across the 

meadow away from the camp towards the lodge trail.  You must come back to the camp and leave on the main 

trail to reduce impact to the meadows.  Parks will not appreciate us if we do not obey this rule.

The camp is organized and run by volunteers.  There will be no professional guides.  There is a camp manager who 

will co-ordinate activities but will not act as an instructor or guide. A cook is provided by the camp to organize 

meals.  Participants will form their own groups and appoint a leader for each day’s activities.  Participants will be 

expected to sign up on the duty roster to share in camp chores such as helping cooking, cleaning, hauling water, 

and washing dishes.

Because of the breakeven budget it is difficult to allow cancellations especially on short notice.  If I can find a 

replacement person from the standby list, no problem.  This is not easy as people in the club are the type that have 

plenty to do.  If a cancellation is made for compassionate reasons a refund maybe made at the discretion of the 

camp manager.

The meeting place for the camp will be at the Shark Mtn. heliport 41.3km from the Bow River Bridge in Canmore.  

Drive along the Smith Dorian highway, Spay Lakes road.  Arriving ready to unload your camp equipment 40lbs. or 

less onto the pad at 8:00AM Alberta time.  Follow the signs through Canmore towards the Canmore Nordic Centre 

past it up the big hill and along the highway till reaching the Mt. Engadine Lodge / Shark Mtn. Heliport and drive 

3.3km. to helipad.  Note: Last trip on the Smith Dorian I noticed a directions problem, after main street and the 

trail out of town up towards the reservoir there is a Y in the road as you drive up the stem of the Y take the right 

hand fork .  Drop off your gear at the pad and park your car on the parking lot.  Check in with the camp manager, 

sign another waiver.  The walk into the camp is 19km. with an elevation gain of 450m allow 6 to 8hrs. to walk in.  

The cost to fly is $120 one way, book through the camp manager or the Assiniboine Lodge can be contacted also to 

arrange a flight.  

It is a requirement of our liability insurance that all participants must sign our waiver and a requirement of our 

section that all participants be members of the ACC Edmonton Section.  Membership may obtained from ACC, Box 

2040, Canmore, Alberta, T0L-0M0. Ph. 403-678-3200 or on internet, for waver  for, membership  If you have not signed a waiver before with the Edmonton 

Section you are required to down load the form sign it, get it witnessed and return it with your cheque.  

The weather at this time of year is usually stable but it is possible to have rain and cold, so come prepared.  The 

mornings can be  quite cold.  The following is a suggested minimum list.

Tent, sleeping bag, pad, water bottle, first aid kit, Sun protection for skin and eyes, rain gear, bug repellant.  If you 

have bear spray you can bring it, please make sure it rides in the sling load and not in the helicopter.

If you have any dietary issues please e-mail the camp manager for the cook’s info.  Limited special arrangements 

maybe made.

Climbing ropes will be supplied but you must bring your own climbing gear.  We intend to use the same water 

source as we have at previous camps at this site, the creek that flows through the campsite.  If you have concerns 

about the pot ability of the water you should bring your own water treatment kit, as we will not be boiling water 

for drinking or washing dishes.

For further information or reserve a spot, contact below.  To confirm your reservation make your 

cheque payable to ACC Edmonton Section, postdated to June 01 and mail it to me.

Note: If you have not signed a waiver with the Edmonton Section before you will need to read, sign and 

get one witnessed.  Send this in with your cheque please.

John Booth

1111 Lakewood Rd. NW, T6K-3A9

Edmonton, AB

H 780-462-8014 C 780-913-7620