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Fairy Meadow Ski Camp

April 7 - 14, 2018 

ACC Section Edmonton has 5 spots at Fairy Meadow hut next year!!! Located in the Northern Selkirks, east of the Adamant range, the hut is situated in some of the most rugged terrain in Canada. The hut is remarkably well designed, very comfortably sleeping 20 wet and well equipped skiers. Just at tree line, the hut provides easy access to terrain that is beautiful and serious, right from the porch. Below the hut are a few treed bowls that are peppered with cliffs, shoots, avalanche paths and terrain traps. The terrain above the hut is significantly more complex with major glaciers, some fine summits of varied difficulty, all of which will require careful evaluation.

When the conditions and weather cooperate, there is a lot to do. Sir William, Enterprise, Sentinel, Pioneer, Daemon and Fria are all good ski mountaineering objectives that require little technical gear. Turns off Cycle peak, Outpost bowl, the Forbes glacier, Sir William, Granite Glacier, Houdini Needles, Friendship Col, Fria and Sentinel can all be great in the right conditions. Map 82-N/13 and 82-N/12 will show you the area and are also needed for the trip.

You need to be a good skier and good experience on traveling the glacier. AST 1 and crevasse rescue are required. This trip is not guided.

Cost: $1100.00
Date : April 7 to 14, 2018.

Please send me an email if you are interested to this trip ( I will send you a list of questions. You have until end of June to send the form back.  Selection of the group will be done end of August and to secure your spot you will need to paid the cost of the trip when you know you are part for the team.